We specialize in the cleaning of HVAC forced air system air ducts as well as dryer vent cleaning.  The example photos displayed here are for your convenience and are only for reference.  They are typical of forced air furnaces although all systems will vary from one to the next.

Basically what we do is attach our powerful 5,100 CFM (Cubit Feet per Minute) extraction unit to your main trunk line near the furnace plenum.  Next we install non-puncturing inflatable zone bags in the system to target cleaning areas individually … maximizing the strength of the extractor unit.  Then, (while extractor is running) starting with supply vent registers, one by one we insert our compressed air tools starting with our whip agitators.  After the larger debris has been removed by the whips and constant vacuum, we insert directionally targeted compressed air tips to get what’s left.  When that process is complete, we switch the position of the zone bag(s) & do the same thing to the cold air returns.  Once all supply lines and cold air returns have been cleaned we finish up our job by cleaning the main trunk, plenum and furnace blower area.  For information on dryer duct cleaning, please click on the "All about dryers" tab at the top of the screen.

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