About Us

We combine the processes of many professional air duct cleaning services into 1 standard process.  Your duct work is put under Negative Air Pressure using powerful commercial vacuum equipment and then agitated with compressed air tools to achieve the best possible results.


*  $389.00 is our standard residential charge for a typical 2-3 bedroom ranch style home.

*  FREE ESTIMATES within the 54935 area code...

(if outside 54935, an upfront $25.00 fee is charged for estimates for time/gas although a $15 credit is applied to your bill if we do the job.)

*  NO hidden fees or extra “per vent” charges.  Price includes cleaning of ALL supply lines, cold air returns, main trunk, plenum & furnace blower area.  Upon job completion, all vent covers are wiped down and put back in place.

*  Locally owned and family operated business.

*  Fully insured.

*  We use HEPA filters which are boasted to eliminate 99.97% of fine dust particles down to 0.3 microns in size including pollen and spores, as well as dust mites and their feces.

*  10% Senior Citizens Discount for individual residential accounts.

*  Dryer vent cleaning available for $39.95 when done with air ducts.  ($69.95 individually) ... Click the "All about dryers" tab to learn more.       



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